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Know What to Ask When you Call a Tulsa Roofer after a Storm

July 01, 2017

When you’re sitting at home during a storm, the sound of hail on your roof can be frightening and indicate the potential for property damage. Besides hail, high winds can also be destructive to your home. Immediately after a storm, you might be contacted by companies looking to make repairs, before you sign any contracts, take the time to understand the damage you have, what your insurance covers and most of all - who will be complet... Continue Reading

Metal Roofing Benefits for Tulsa Area Homes

February 28, 2017

Metal Roofing is not a surprising material choice to be used on a commercial property or a cabin in the mountains, but don’t overlook it as an option for your Tulsa area home without exploring it first. While there are a few different style of installation including options that showcase the metal, there are also options for metal shingles that look like more traditional options. If you have not previously considered metal roofing, take ... Continue Reading

What to Consider about Getting a New Roof in the New Year

January 04, 2017

It’s 2017! For some the New Year could not get here fast enough and for others, it may have seemed to creep up a little too soon. If you have been planning home improvement and maintenance projects for this year’s budget, don’t overlook your home’s roof. Calling in a professional Tulsa area roofer can provide an inspection to let you know if your roof is in need of repair or replacement if you have concerns. Some signs to... Continue Reading

3 Reasons not to Overlook Metal Roofing for your Tulsa Area Home

November 11, 2016

Winter is coming. Although the Tulsa area is lucky not to have as frigid of a season as many of our northern neighbors, ice and snow still come through. If your home’s roof is worn, you may want to consider replacing it before the severe winter weather arrives. As you start to think about your home’s new roof, you will be faced with several materials to evaluate. Longevity, style and budget are all aspects to compare. It can be he... Continue Reading

Consider an Inspection to Make Sure Your Roof is ready for Winter

September 19, 2016

Fall is here. Cooler temps are a welcome change, but also signal that winter is right around the corner. If it has been a while since your roof was last inspected by a professional Tulsa roofer, this can be an opportune time to make sure you are heading into winter prepared. From summer storms to standard wear and tear over the years, your roof many be compromised and some of the most challenging months are on their way. We are fortunate in the ... Continue Reading

Why Materials Matter for a New Roof on Your Tulsa Area Home

August 09, 2016

As homeowners, we are often driven to make decisions based on two factors: speed of completion and current price. While that can be fine in many small projects around your home, when you are talking about selecting a new roof take the time to thoroughly explore your options to make the most of your investment Compare Longevity The material you choose could last 20 years or it may last 50 years, but not all shingles perform equally. Understandin... Continue Reading

How to Spot a Potential Roof Leak on Your Home

July 19, 2016

Once water has breached the roof of your home and is visible inside, it is obvious you have a roof leak. For many homeowners, not knowing the warning signs can delay calling in a Tulsa roofer to inspect the roof to identify problematic areas and proactively address the situation. The sooner a problem is identified and repaired, the more likely it is damage can be minimized. A few signals to be on the look out for include: Damaged, Missing o... Continue Reading

The Role of Ventilation Plays in the Health of Your Roof

June 20, 2016

While shingles are an important part of the new roof process for your Tulsa area home, there are many other factors to consider to make the most of your investment. Many homeowner may also be aware of the need to inspect the roof decking and prepare the space for the installation of the new products. What should not be overlooked is the ventilation of your home. When you work with an experienced Tulsa roofer you can take the time to explore this... Continue Reading

Roofing Concerns – Signs to Call in a Tulsa Roofer

May 22, 2016

Out of sight, out of mind – for many homeowners the roof is one aspect of home maintenance that is not thought of until the damage can be seen inside the home. If you suspect your roof has been compromised, calling in a Tulsa roofing contractor can let you know if your concerns are justified. Some examples of signs to call a Tulsa Roofer include: Stains in the ceiling drywall If you notice any spots in the ceiling of your Tulsa area home,... Continue Reading

3 Less Known Aspects about Metal Roofing

April 21, 2016

If you’ve heard neighbors discussing metal roofing for their Tulsa area home, you may be envisioning long metal strips covering the top of their house. While that would represent some varieties, there is a lot about metal roofing that many homeowners do not know. Whether you have an immediate need for a new roof, or you are just beginning to search, consider these reasons to add metal roofing to your options: There’s several aestheti... Continue Reading

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