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Will you get insurance cover for your leaking roof?

April 26, 2018

When there is damage on your roof, you might need to call your insurance to decide whether you are suited for coverage. Leaking roof damage may or may not be part of the damage you can ask cover for. As your chosen professionals for residential and commercial roofing Tulsa, we can help you in finding out whether your leakage damage is worth filing a claim for. Here are some queries you need to know about before filing an insurance claim;

Is the damage your fault?

Homeowners can neglect their property and allow leaves and such debris to rot on their roofs. This happens to almost every part of their home’s exterior until there is a problem that cannot be ignored anymore. As a homeowner, you may not be able to file for a claim if the roof has been deteriorating for a while. Curled or cracked shingles or shingles covered in mildew are some of the reasons homeowners are left to take care of the repair costs in their homes when something goes wrong with the roofing. If the cracks are brought about by the elements such as a heavy hail, storm then insurance should cover it.

The damage may be part of the exclusions

Exclusions are included in such insurance covers stating the kinds of damage that the insurance will not provide a cover for. Natural disasters common in an area are an example of exclusions that may not be covered by insurance, such as flooding in a flood-prone area.

Do the repairs go higher than your deductible?

There is an amount you are required to pay when there is damage on your home. This amount is known as the deductible. Deductibles typically run from $500 to $5,000. If the damage incurred is below your deductible, then you don’t get anything from the claim you have filed. The best way to avoid this is to make sure you have the quote covering the repairs from your roofing expert. This quote shows how much money was spent and whether you are liable for an insurance claim. The costs of repairs caused by the leakage should also be included in the claim so be sure to include any flooring, drywall, electronic or furniture repairs you may have incurred.

Don’t file a claim just because you can

A lot of homeowners like to think that they should claim payment for anything that goes wrong in their home. However, there are some instances when you are better off not filing the claim. The scenarios mentioned above are some of these instances. Aside from claiming payment for repairs that the insurance coverage does not agree with, you may also get your insurance terminated. Insurance companies thrive since they take on a large pool of people with risk that has little likelihood of taking place. If you are deemed to be too big of a risk by your insurance company then your coverage can be terminated.

Do you need roofing repair?

 When it comes to roofing work, nobody can guarantee the level of workmanship you get when you come to us. We are the best when it comes to residential and commercial roofing Tulsa . Reach out to us and we will have your roofing problems sorted quicker than you imagined and at a reasonable price too.


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