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What to do if your roof leaks during storms

May 25, 2018

    Sometimes, we tend to forget that our roofs need to be maintained from time to time. As a result, the rains might catch us by surprise, leaking into the house through worn areas. This may quickly turn into an emergency, especially if the leak is major. The bad news is, even the smallest of leaks can let water down the roof and into the house.  Before contacting a roofer for help, here are some of the measures that you can take against a leaking roof;

  1. Find thesource of the leak

      This should be the very first step to take. It is important to first establish the source before taking any further measures. The source doesn’t necessarily have to be the roof, since leakages can also occur in the plumbing or cooling units. If the leakage comes from the roof, then you should go ahead and locate the exact place since water can travel far from its source. You can also check if the ceiling is holding any water. If so, drill a small hole to drain the water, and collect the water using a bucket.

  2. Seal the hole with a roofing tape

       The best place to go is the attic, since it is not safe for you to climb to the roof during a storm. Carry a roofing tape or a caulk with you to seal the holes with. This will prevent further leakages, and slow down its damages.  It is not advisable to use a tarp when the leaking happens for the first time. It is important to have such items in your house for emergency purposes. They can be purchased at any given hardware store at very affordable prices.

  3. Go to the roof

    Once the storm is over, you can go to the roof and seal the hole from there. Ensure that the ladder is stable before climbing. You should also put on rubber shoes to avoid sliding. From the roof, locate the holes and tarp them. This should keep you going as professional help is sought.

  4. Seek for professional help

  It is in order for you to seek for professional help as soon as possible, to avoid further damage. As petty as it might look, a leak can cause bigger problems such as damaged ceilings, molds and destroyed insulations. This could cost you a lot of money to replace.

What are the major causes of roof leaks?

  1. Chimneys

      Chimneys are the most common causes of leaks due to the cracks found in between the cap and the mortar, which could let water in.  If you notice cracks in your chimney, then you should make it a mission to seal it because sooner or later, water will start oozing  through.

  2. Skylights

  While skylights can be wonderful to have, they can also be a source of leakages during storms. Regardless of how well they are installed, they will still be vulnerable to leakages. The only measure you can take against this is to have them regularly checked and maintained.



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